For 50+ years I've been professionally performing and entertaining with multiple styles and genres.

You can too.   You can play and sing and enjoy your guitar at more advanced levels.  Yes you can! 

Call me at 708-334-7831 to discuss pricing and how to get started.

Play Songs of many Genres

Both beginners to seasoned players will improve. 

Beginners  start with basic chords with the goal to play songs...whole songs. 

Most teachers focus on playing guitar. I focus on playing songs on a guitar. 

Big difference.  More fun.   Higher level. 

I DO NOT provide half hour lessons.  

My instructions require a minimum 3  hours per session. 

Yep, that sound like a long time, but after decades I've learned what works for those serious about taking their playing to a higher level. 

Students must know how to neck chord A, B7, C, D, E, F, G, Am, Bm, Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, Gm, Ab, Bb, F# and Basic Bar chords. 

One-to-one sessions are available, as well as group sessions of 4 - 8. 

Teachings include power points, hand-outs and a video recording of the lesson.

Call me at 708-334-7831 to discuss pricing and how to get started.


Genres - Rock, Country, Blues, Crooners, Jazz Progressions, Kid's, Worship & Praise, Folk.  Each genre has a unique  strumming or picking style.  

Playing lead scales while others play chords.  Beyond chords and songs I  teach basic lead neck patterns to accompany other guitarists. 

Both playing chords progressions and playing lead neck patterns. 

Big difference.   More fun.  Higher level. 

No Tabs or Note Teaching

You will not to be taught how to read tabs or  music. 

You will learn how to play guitar and songs - beginning to end. 

You will learn how to play lead patterns to every key. 

You will learn chord progressions and accompanying leads with those progressions.

You will learn how to find the key for your voice. 

You will learn many styles and genres. 

You will learn how to play with other musicians. 

Big difference.   More fun.  Higher level. 

Musician Equipment Training

Beyond playing chord progression, leads, scales, singing to your playing, and playing with others, 

I also can teach you: 


how to open tune 

how to use a slide

how to include a harmonica while playing guitar

how to use rhythm / drum machines

how to use loopers

how to use vocal harmonizers

how to use sound reinforcement

how to use a mixer with FX

how to find your key and vocal range. 

Big difference.   More fun.  Higher level. 

Call me at 708-334-7831 to discuss pricing and how to get started.