December 2019

Home Christmas Parties

Classic Christmas Music 

for Your Friends at Your Home Holiday Party

Option A

Providing live guitar and vocal background Christmas music for your guests can make your home party special.  Option A provides hours of live guitar / vocal Christmas music as a background appropriate for your friends to chat, talk, share, and relax. 

Option B

For those desiring that old-fasion sing-a-long of  Christmas Classics and Favorites I make available numerous 8 X 11 bound folders with lyrics in large print for easy reading and singing.  I can also share some  some historical insights to classic Christmas songs many have come to know over the years. 

Better still, I can create from your guests a "mini-choir" that is always fun.  Option B is more relational where your friends may share some of their best Christmas memories. 

Option C

Option C includes both Christmas classics and select songs of your choice from the 900 songs repertoire. Classics from Sinatra, Martin, Nelson, et al. or any song you choose.  Option C is not limited to only Christmas music and includes a wide variety of songs your friends will recognize. 

Option A + B

 A combination of quality background music at the beginning of the evening which includes the opportunity to sing-a-long to those classics and favorties later in the evening. 


I perform is classic (not casual) attire which means you can expect a tie, vest, jacket, dark slacks, collared shirt all appropriate for your guests. 

Minimum Requirements

A space no less than 6 X 8 foot is required allowing for equipment and instruments. 1 electrical outlet is required unless a totally "acoustic" only evening is desired. 

Call 708-334-7831 and we'll discuss how to make this year's gathering your best ever!